5 Second Date Tips To Act As Your Lifeline!

Second dates are sometimes even more awkward than first dates. You have established that you’re on the same page, but now, you need to make a connection as a potential couple. The pressure to impress is on, and it can tip the scales in favor of a third date and so forth. Here are five second date tips that are guaranteed to draw you closer together!

1. Don’t Expect The Same Date Twice

The number one reason that second dates seem to fall flat is they are planned with the same activities as the first date. Don’t just do a rehash and a repeat of where you’ve already been! In fact, it makes sense to do something completely different the second time around. If you met at a bar, why not plan a hike or a picnic?

2. Get Flirty And Emotional

We all know how hard it is to make a connection on the first date, but putting the nervousness aside, try to loosen up on your second date. This is your opportunity really get personal and be touchy feely. In fact, it is advisable to really flirt with your date. Accidental bumps and arm touches are perfectly appropriate as long as your date is clearly enjoying being with you.

3. Be Confident Without Being Cocky

Nothing is sexier than someone with confidence, and though you may be nervous and anxious on your second date, try to let loose a little bit. You definitely are on the right path to building a relationship, therefore, a bit of relaxation is in order. However, some people tend to confuse confidence with acting cocky! Never forget that there are boundaries that shouldn’t get crossed on a second outing.

4. Show That You Were Listening

Sometimes, your date opens up and lets you know about something big that’s going on in their life. If that’s the case, make sure to listen and channel this recollection to ask something on your second date. For example, if your date mentioned having some trouble at work, why not ask if things are finally looking up? Become more personable on your second date and grasp the minor details.

5. Get To Know Each Other Better

It may sound easier said than done, but asking personal questions is a great way to get to know more about your date. Ask about parents, siblings, career choices and whatever else that may interest you. Do keep in mind that you don’t know the other person well enough, so do have some boundaries in place when asking questions.

Getting that third date is possible if you do everything right on the second date. However, you really need to heed the second date tips from above and stay respectful during your time together. There’s nothing wrong with getting a bit more comfortable and opening up about personal details, but you must stay respectful. Know the difference between showing a great deal of confidence or starting to show a cocky side your date may feel shocked by.

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