8 Places to Go on a First Date

Whether you’ve finally asked someone out after months of waiting or have recently accepted an invitation, any first date is important. You have the opportunity to show someone who you really are, and a relationship can begin to blossom. The setting for your first date should be enjoyable and allow for lots of interaction with the other person. For ideas about the best places to go on a first date, consider these locations.

1-A Restaurant

Often the first place people think of when they consider a first date is a restaurant. Everyone needs to eat, and sharing a meal will satisfy your appetite and give you some time to talk. You can choose a fancy, high end restaurant or a more affordable pub. Whatever restaurant you both choose, make a point of discussing how the check will be handled; avoid irritation by talking about whether you’re both sharing the costs or one of you will pay the entire bill.

2-A Movie Theater

The cinema can be a great place for a first date. You can meet up before the film and talk about various topics; if you’re at a loss for conversation, you can focus on actors or the film. The movie can also provide even more things to talk about once you’ve seen it–if you feel good about being together you can continue the date at a restaurant or another location.

3-A Park

If you both enjoy being active, try a park for the first time you’re alone together. You might want to stroll along a hiking trail or play a sport while you’re there too. You can also sit down under a tree and talk. Picnic baskets are also welcome, so if you’d like to impress your date with your cooking skills, you can pack a small meal and lay out a blanket.

4-A Concert or Sporting Event

If you both enjoy a recording artist or have the same favorite sports team, a concert or sporting event is a natural choice for a first date. Being able to share an exciting event together might provide a great memory for the two of you later in life, and the joy you’ll get from the event individually means a win-win situation for everyone.

5-A Karaoke Lounge

Even if you’re not a great singer, a karaoke lounge could be fun. Singing karaoke might make you a bit nervous, but being able to let your guard down and attempt to belt out some pop hits could impress your date. You may both enjoy watching and hearing others do the same thing.

6-A Theme Park

Theme parks offer all kinds of things to do on your first date. If you’re nervous about talking, you can just sit next to each other on the ferris wheel or another ride as it moves around. You might play a few of the games there and win a stuffed animal for your date too.

7-A Museum

If both of you enjoy art and strolling about, a museum can offer you a low key opportunity to spend time and appreciate some beautiful things. This kind of date can be as short or as long as you like; you two can linger among different items or rush through, depending on how you feel about each other.

8-Your Home

An inexpensive choice, you might just decide to have your date at one of your homes. You can order delivery food or make your own specialty, and your date can enjoy seeing you on your own turf–or vice versa.

Any of these places might present a fantastic place for you and your date to begin a new romance. Even if a true love match doesn’t happen, selecting places like these should allow both of you to have a great time.

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