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Throughout the country, cannabis is becoming more widely accepted, whether it be used for recreational or medicinal purposes. However, there are still some states that have not legalized THC, a chemical compound in cannabis that contains psychoactive effects. In most of these states, CBD products have recently become legal for use. These are products that offer much of the same benefits of cannabis without the “head change” that cannabis is known for. So what are some THC free products, those containing CBD, that someone could use to either get their feet wet in regards to the benefits of cannabis or receive these benefits in states where THC is not legal for use? Keep reading to find out.

1. Skin-Care Products

One way that CBD is said to benefit a user of this natural product is via the skin. Fortunately, you can have any skin type and still benefit from CBD skin-care products. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties as well as helpful antioxidants that calm irritation and redness in the skin (as well as acne-prone skin) and promote the skin’s ability to fight signs of aging.

Two excellent skin-care products that contain CBD are Cannuka Nourishing Body Cream ($28) and Cannuka CBD Cleansing Body Bar ($14).

2. Vapor

Another popular way to enjoy CBD is to use a vaporizer pen and CBD oil. In states where CBD is legal for use, you can find both of these items in shops that sell tobacco products. CBD oil is generally anywhere from $8 – $20, depending on where you go to purchase it.

How this works is you charge up your vaporizer pen and then fill a cartridge with the CBD oil. Placing the cartridge back into the pen, you then can breathe in the oil, as it becomes vapor, and then breathe the vapor back out. CBD oil can be flavored, and come in varieties such as cupcake flavor, berry, and more.

3. Gummies

Gummies provide a way for the non-stoner to enjoy relaxation without receiving any THC. These can be infused with CBD or even hemp oil. One product that we love that contains hemp oil (12 milligrams) as well as melatonin to get you ready for snoozing is Hemp-Extract Infused Gummies ($29). What’s more? They are gluten-free, for those who are sensitive to this ingredient.

Another product that contains CBD is a pack of delicious gumdrops by Lord Jones featuring Icelandic berry flavoring. The next time you desire the benefits of CBD as well as a way to satisfy your sweet tooth, these gumdrops are the way to go ($60).

4. Capsules

A straight-forward way to receive the benefits of CBD without ingesting THC is by way of capsules. These are infused with CBD and act just like a vitamin in terms of consumption. One capsule product that you should try? Endoca Hemp Oil capsules which contain 300 milligrams of CBD each.

If you are hoping to try products that are free of THC, you can be sure that there is a form of CBD that works for you and your needs. Mix and match these THC free products and see what you like most!

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