Benefits of Year Round Storage Unit Access for Your Vehicle

A garage has many varied uses to its owner: reliable storage shed, a flexible workspace, and of course, somewhere to keep your car. However, more and more, we’ve seen the garage used more for the former two rather than the latter. Parking a car in a garage has seemingly become a thing of the past. There’s more to storing your vehicle in a garage than simply adding another step to your morning commute. Here are just a few of the benefits of using year round storage unit access for your vehicle.

Protects from the elements

If there’s a really big storm on its way to you, then keeping your car in a garage just goes without saying. However, even without such extreme circumstances in the equation, it’s preferable that you keep your car in a garage in order to protect it from other elemental dangers. For one, if you live in a very sunny, tropical region, then your car’s paint could be damaged and start to fade over time via the sun beating down on it all the time. Not to mention more obvious damages like rust caused by constant rain.

Less likely to be stolen or vandalized

Car thefts are incredibly popular forms of thievery, especially if the car is expensive. However, a closed garage will deter all but the most determined of carjackers. Keeping your car in a garage ensures that the carjacker will have to either go through the house or find a way to both open and keep open your garage door. Both scenarios are guaranteed to be incredibly noisy and risky. Having your vehicle at a storage unit all year means that there are going to be cameras and other security precautions in place to keep your investment safe.

Keeps the exteriors looking great

Most people don’t know this, but skilled mechanics can tell at a glance whether or not you keep your car in your garage. When kept in a garage, the exterior of a vehicle keeps its natural shine and are generally in much better condition than those that are kept outside.

Engine remains lubricated

A garage-kept car is a warm car. And a warm car means a more lubricated engine because the fluid and oil levels are kept in stable conditions. This is especially important if your favorite vehicle is an older model. Many people who own classic cars like to store them during the inclement months. Keeping the vehicle out of the elements helps to maintain the overall good health of the vehicle. Having access to the storage unit means that you can very easily go and start up the vehicle to make sure that everything remains in good shape.

Garages have remained a staple of suburban living for as long as they have for very good reason: they keep your car safe from the elements as well as keep your car looking nice and running smoothly. If this article has convinced you, contact the folks at Stor-Room to set up a deal on one of their deluxe garages and other forms of vehicle storage units.

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