Benefits Of GPR For Roads

Road construction crews have a variety of benefits for using GPR for roads. There are many challenges to constructing roads from the composition of the ground to relics or former graveyards that may be beneath the surface of a proposed road. Let’s examine some of the benefits:

Road Composition

It’s not at all uncommon for road surfaces to be comprised of a variety of materials. Sometimes this information isn’t well documented so it can be challenging at best to know what is underneath the top surface of the road. Construction crews can greatly benefit by knowing what the various surfaces of the road are made up of.

Sand, silt, rock, and other things all make up the composition of various road and land surfaces. Knowing what is underneath of a proposed road can go far in helping the ensure the stability of the surface when they put the final coats upon a road.

GPR units work just like an ultrasound or x-ray machine to read what is underneath the surface. This information can then be used to determine what the best procedure will be to complete the construction of the road.


There are different depths of different materials comprising the surface of a road. Understanding and knowing what the various depths are will go far in helping the planning committee and construction crews in preparing a road surface. Too much of one material and not enough of another may make for an unstable surface when the project is completed.

Having this information will go far in ensuring the integrity of the surface and determining what materials to use to complete the entire project. Not all road surfaces are the same and not all areas of the roads are the same either. This information is a valuable tool for construction crews and planning crews.

Potential Issues

Of course, there are sometimes potential issues such as an underground river or spring that may undermine entire projects. Using a GPR system this information can be recorded and the appropriate measure to prevent such issues can be taken. Left unchecked such potential issues could lead to sinkholes and other problems with road construction.

By utilizing such information such situations can be averted and safer roads can be designed for transportation needs. Whether the rivers or springs are diverted, or the road is redirected will be dependent upon a variety of factors but knowing exactly where such potential issues are will go far in ensuring the safety of the construction project and the future outcome.

Limitations Of GPR

The limitations of a GPR unit are based upon how well the unit functions and the quality of the unit itself. Not all units are created equal and they are kind of expensive. Many construction crews will have to halt construction while they await the arrival of a GPR system.

GPR for roads works to ensure public safety when the roads are completed. The benefits far outweigh the potential reasons not to use one when constructing roads.

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