Bread Makers Guide

There is nothing better than enjoying fresh homemade bread. However, making bread tends to be a very time-consuming and labor-intensive process that discourages a lot of people from making it. However, today’s modern bread makers make the process easy and convenient. You simply need to add a few ingredients to the appliance and then push a few buttons.

However, before you rush out to purchase a new bread maker, there are some important things to consider. We will be covering these things in our guide so you can make an informed decision on which bread maker is the best one for you to buy to meet your needs and preferences.

Capacity and Size

A bread maker has a tendency to be a fairly large kitchen countertop appliance. There are tall and narrow models, while others are short and wide. So consider where you are planning to use and store your machine to determine the best size and shape for your kitchen.

You also need to determine the best pan size for your needs. If you have a big household, then you will probably want to get a machine that makes two-pound loaves at least. Usually, it will be sufficient to get a machine that makes one-pound loaves if you have a smaller household.

Loaf shape

There are vertical pans that make long, tall loaves, and horizontal pans for creating the more traditional shape loaf. There are even machines that make oblong or round loaves.

Fixed vs. Removable Pan

Removable pans are featured on most new bread maker models. It makes it easier to clean the machine since the pan can be taken to the sink to clean it.

Settings and Programs

Almost all models of bread makers come with at least a few options for controlling the final product. However, advanced machines offer extensive controls to provide you with more versatility.

Most machines come with setting for specific kinds of bread. Others will mix up and knead the dough. Another option is crust color settings so you can have loaves ranging from light to dark, depending on what your preference is.

Viewing window

Unfortunately, many of the more inexpensive models have solid, opaque lids that do not allow you to check how your bread is progressing. So you might want to consider buying a model that comes with a viewing window so you can monitor your bread’s progress.

Delay Timer or Timer

With a delay timer, you can add ingredients to the bread maker before leaving for work in the morning and then have the machine programmed so that it prepares the dough at a specific time. That will allow you to come home to a freshly baked bread.

Keep warm

This feature will keep your loaf of bread warm until you are ready to eat it.


The price of a bread maker will vary depending on which features it comes with. They range in price from about $60 to $300. More expensive models usually offer more advanced settings and feature sturdier construction.

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