Contract Assembly Services – Getting Your Products Finished Faster

You spent months, or even years, designing the product. Your company is ready to produce and order the parts, but you don’t have enough space or manpower. What are you going to do? Are you going to wait months to add on to your buildings, hire new people, and get them trained? That may not be the best choice. Contract assembly services could have your products rolling out the door faster and at lower costs than doing it yourself.

What Can A Contract Assembly Company Do For You?

Imagine having a fully trained staff ready to start building your products right now. Not next week. Not next month. Right now.

A contract assembly company has the tools, the employees, and the expertise to assemble your products starting immediately. You can get your products to market faster, so you start getting a return on your investment now, not in months.

The company can help in other ways, too. Many contract assembly companies provide packaging and shipping assistance, too. Instead of shipping them the parts to assemble and then having the completed product shipped back to you, you have the product shipped straight to your customers. This saves money for you and helps you keep prices lower for your customers.

Extreme Quality Control

Quality control is the trademark of companies who provide great contract assembly services. Watch of a few of the clues that they can provide you with superior quality. Is the company you are considering ISO 9001:2008 certified? This certification shows they have built a quality control system that assures your products will be assembled properly.

Ask the company about their quality control processes. If you are still worried, ask to speak to the quality assurance manager. You will quickly discover their quality procedures may be superior to your own. They have built their quality program to satisfy the ISO 9001 standards and a variety of demands from the diverse companies they help.

Specialty Assembly

Not all assembly services are created equal. What type of product is your company producing? A company who specializes in the general assembly may not be ideal if you are selling electrical control panels. You will want to choose an assembly partner who works with other companies in your industry.

Intellectual Property Concerns

This is the most frequent worry when companies consider using assembly services to finish their products. Will you lose control of your intellectual property? Will information about your products be shared with your competitors?

As you can already guess, there have been rare isolated instances of this happening. There is a good reason it is not common. Your rights are carefully covered in the contracts between you and the assembly company. They are taking a major risk if information about your products leaks to other companies. They understand one failure on their part will likely result in their company losing most of their business as their customers lose trust.

Is Contract Assembly Services Right For You?

If your company needs help getting products to market faster and with higher quality, the answer is probably yes. An assembly service company can help you overcome labor, equipment, and space shortages quickly.

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