Data Sharing On Connected Devices Has Never Been Easier

Data sharing on connected devices is huge in 2019. To some degree, almost everyone does it on the regular. What devices do you have connected? There are plenty of easy ways to keep your devices in sync and share data, enabling you to do more with your gadgets.

As an example, I tether my phone as a mobile hotspot, allowing my table to connect to the Internet without using a home Wi-Fi connection. If I were watching videos all day long, that wouldn’t work out so well, even with the largest mobile data plan the company I use has to offer.

Yes, companies offer unlimited data, but they slow you down after a certain amount of gigs. My data plan includes 22 gigs, which is quite a lot. Yet if you stream videos all day long, as mentioned, it will slow down eventually, making it harder to watch much of anything, especially in HD.

Yet for work, using my phone as a mobile hotspot is a great idea. I also use Bluetooth to connect my keyboard to my tablet. Essentially, I have three devices connected up together continuously. I try to keep my phone’s hotspot on most of the day so that my tablet doesn’t get behind.

Everyone knows that if you keep a tablet disconnected from the Internet for too long, updates and notifications are going to require you to give your tablet several minutes to catch up. It can be on, but it must stay connected.

When I had my last car before the wreck, I would always keep my phone connected through Bluetooth. I got so used to taking phone calls through the car hands-free that I didn’t really like holding the phone up to my ear any longer. It’s something else that we now have our cars connected, too.

Let’s not forget those Smart TV’s. Anytime I turned on my phone as a mobile hotspot when I lived in my condo, it wouldn’t just be my tablet that connected up. The Smart TV would connect up as well. And guess what, so would the XBox if it was on.

So let’s get this count right. I turn on my mobile hotspot, and suddenly, I could have five devices connected all at once. What are some other ways that you can approach data sharing on connected devices? Have you heard of Samba? It is all about file sharing.

File sharing makes everything much easier these days in a world that has continued to go paperless. Then there are FTP clients as well. And of course, don’t get me started on mass media storage and cloud computing.

Data sharing is bigger than ever, and who knows what is coming next. We live in a world where data is increasingly important. And phones seem to play an increasingly bigger role. And yet we still call them phones. Do you think that will ever change? I’m not sure it will because we will probably switch to an even better solution at some point.