GPR For Manufacturing Purposes

Manufacturing plants are one place where ground penetrating radar or GPR is beneficial. This is a form of electromagnetic scanning which will find any critical items underground without the need for cutting or disrupting the surface above. Before doing any excavating, drilling, coring or cutting it is necessary to use GPR for manufacturing, construction or for locating voids in concrete.

GPR works by emitting high-frequency radar waves. These waves are transmitted by an antenna deep underground. The depth to which the unit can search is determined by the frequency of the antenna. Once the transmission is complete the unit will display findings onto an onboard monitor or a computer drive. This drive can be removed and inserted into a traditional computer where the information can be seen and interpreted.

GPR for manufacturing is safer than x-raying concrete, but it is just as precise at delivering the results of what is beneath the surface. When you choose to use a GPR unit you do not have to go through the trouble of evacuating a building or other area. Residents or workers may remain inside the facility while the readouts are being obtained.

Using a GPR unit can be done with the assistance of a remote control or it can be manually run across a specific surface. It can be used over graded slopes. A manual unit can be used to find items that are behind concrete walls or that are buried underground. The results are delivered quickly. Systems that feature onboard monitors will deliver those results instantly unlike X-ray results.

Whether the results are being used to find rebar, utility lines or other items, the work can be done with one person. This saves money and time not to mention any disruption to the workplace surrounding the GPR’s operation. Some of the other applications in which GPR is used besides manufacturing include building parking garages, monitoring conditions at airports, hospitals and hotels. GPR is indispensable in sewer line replacement.

Hire a GPR testing company to help you locate the items you need to find before you drill, core or build. Or, invest in a unit for your own use.

When choosing a ground penetrating radar system, you want to look at which type of control unit, antenna, and power supply will work best for your needs. Control units come with wheels and can either be operated using the remote control mentioned above or hand powered by pushing the unit along using its handles. Choose which type of computer system you prefer. You have the option of buying a unit with a computer built into it or a unit with a removable hard disk drive.

It is important to choose the right frequency for the antenna. High-frequency antennas find items just beneath a surface and low-frequency antennas penetrate to find items deep underground. GPR units work with the help of rechargeable batteries or with the help of batteries that charge using an adapter. Buy a unit for your manufacturing needs or hire a professional GPR company to scan for you.

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