How To Tell When To Mow Your Lawn

Keeping your lawn the right length is important and you want to make sure that you mow your lawn when you need to. If you don’t mow your lawn enough it is not only going to look bad, but it will become more susceptible to weeds and diseases. You don’t want to mow it too short and you don’t want it to be too long either. Read on to learn when to mow your lawn> for the best results.

Once spring arrives and your lawn comes out of dormancy it is going to be time to start getting your lawnmower out. You will want to cut your grass high for the first mow and only mow once a week. You should never mow your lawn when it is wet and don’t mow when it is frosty either. You could damage the grass and make the soil compacted which can cause problems.

You should never mow your lawn too short because this can make the grass weak. Mowing your lawn too short can cause the roots to be shallow and your lawn is going to be more prone to weeds and moss. You don’t want your lawn to be too high either because the grass won’t be as durable.

You have to water a lot more when your lawn is too short and you also need to feed your lawn more. Cutting your grass too short can lead to unattractive bare patches in your turf. You don’t want to cut your grass too long either. Keeping your lawn at the right height is crucial. When your lawn is mowed well it is going to look so much better and you are going to have curb appeal in your yard. Your yard is going to look great and it is going to be a place where you want to spend time and enjoy your summer.

Nothing feels better than walking on soft grass and a manicured yard gives you a great place to relax and enjoy spending time in your yard. Summer is a great time to enjoy being in your yard. You get to enjoy spending time grilling your meals and hanging out on your patio furniture. There are lots of fun things to do and you can enjoy spending lots of time in the grass over the summer.

When you know how to tell when to mow your lawn you are going to have an easier time keeping your lawn healthy and you won’t need to do so many things to keep it alive. You won’t have to keep adding seed or fertilize it constantly since it is going to have what it needs to be healthy. A healthy lawn means less for for you and that is something that you want. Once you know how to mow your lawn at the right height is going to be a lot easier to keep it healthy. Your lawn is going to look a lot better when you take the time to mow it properly.

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