Leading Causes Of Car Accidents In Texas

While on the road, a collision can occur in a split second. No one can see it coming since it may be out of the driver’s control.In some cases, the crash could be avoided if not for the negligence of the driver(s). Thousands of people in Texas are caught up in both catastrophic and minor crashes every year. Getting involved in an accident can set you back as you experience skyrocketing insurance rates, medical bills and lost wages as you handle the fall out of the crash. The best way to prevent accidents is to learn about what causes them. It will give more insight regarding the contributing factors of frequent collisions and help people avoid committing them in the first place. Leading causes of car accidents in Texas are:


According to the Texas Department of Transportation (TDOT), failure to control speed has resulted in more than 100,000+ collisions throughout Texas every year. Sometimes speeding may play to your advantage when running late or want to reach a place quickly but that’s not a good reason for over-speeding, especially if you don’t even arrive at your destination. Speed limits were enacted for the safety of everyone using the road and not to inconvenience anybody. Remember that the speed you are driving at is directly proportional to the seriousness of injuries and fatalities suffered during the crash.

Driver Inattention

Driver inattention is the second common cause of car crashes in Texas. Failure to pay attention even for a second may prove to be catastrophic for the driver and other motorists on the road. Including other external factors that may distract the driver, the use of phones while driving is the common cause of driver distractions. Injuries of this kind are usually incapacitating.

Driving Between Lanes

Swaying in and out of lanes is the third major cause of accidents in Texas. When drivers drift between lanes even unintentionally, it’s more likely to cause a crash in a variety of ways. This action will make other drivers make a startled reaction as they try to swerve, making the car veer off the road altogether and into a ditch or barrier. In another case, it may result in a head-on collision.

Teen Drivers

At this stage, teens tend to be adventurous, risk-takers and try naughty things to look cool or impress their fellow peers. However, the lack of experience and poor decision-making while on the road may lead to car crashes involving teens. It’s even better for a teen to know the basics rather than trying it out for the first time. If they get behind the wheel with zero experience, it may prove to the end of them and any passer-by on the road.

All you can do behind the wheel is being careful. Don’t allow to be the cause of car accidents in Texas and start being part of the solution. If you are unlucky to get involved in a crash, take the appropriate steps needed after an accident. It’s best to hire an attorney to work on your behalf and ensure you get fully compensated.

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