Steps To Clean Inlet Filters.

Oxygen concentrators are advantageous in that they do not require those large oxygen tanks to work. It provides oxygen in a mobile unit that does all the work. Its convenient but must be maintained to ensure that it works efficiently. Cleaning and maintaining the inlet filters may seem to be a daunting task, but it is not. The guide below will guide you on how to go about it.

Steps To Follow While Cleaning Inlet Filters.

An oxygen concentrator will provide you with oxygen by drawing the air from around you. That air will be contaminated by dust, pollen and other contaminants in the air before it gets into the machine. It is the work of the inlet filter to remove all these particles, ensuring that the oxygen is pure. Since the inlet filter is used to trap all these contaminants, it can become dirty quickly and get clogged. The fundamental rule is to clean it weekly, but the manufacturer’s instructions should be followed.

• Step One.

Locate the filter and remove it. It is usually located on the back or side of the oxygen concentrator. However, you can check the manufacturer’s manual to determine its location quickly and also see how to remove it properly with no problems. The filters are normally made easy to remove by its users; hence, the process will be smooth for you. In case of any issues, it is advised to double check the manual since you may be missing something.

• Step Two.

You should then run the filter under some warm tap water. The running water will flush out all the particles inside it. It is advised to note that soap is not necessary here since using the wrong kind of solvent such as hand soap will leave a film. However, for the stubborn spots, you can use some mild dishwashing detergent by rubbing it onto the filter under running water. If the screen is very dirty, you may need to do extensive cleaning on it. You should fill a basin with warm water and pour in the detergent. After that, submerge the filter inside and move it around to remove the particles. You can then use a soft cloth that is lint free to scrub it until it is clean.

• Step Three.

Allow the filter to dry. You can do this by putting the inlet filter on a clean paper towel in a room that is well ventilated. You can also check for any wear and tear to replace it. Before you reinsert it into the machine, ensure that it is completely dry.

For maintenance of an oxygen concentrator, the inlet filter has to be clean at all times. Not doing so will interfere with its working as it will not be able to produce the pure oxygen that you need, which may be unhealthy. With the above steps, cleaning the inlet filter does not have to be as challenging as it seems. You will be able to have them clean sooner than anticipated.

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