The Best Fast Hosting Platforms

Those who own or operate a website undoubtedly are too familiar with the pain of using a hosting platform that is just too slow. It’s no secret that the fast hosting platforms are the best hosting platforms. So which are the quickest, and therefore, the best, platforms to host your website? Consider these options.

1. WP Engine (0.36 seconds)

The founders of this platform are obsessed with speed. This is a wonderful hosting platform for those who have a WordPress site, especially one that is complex and sizable. In this case, every second counts. And WP Engine is sure to not disappoint.

2. A2 Hosting (0.37 seconds)

This is another fast hosting platform that takes speed very seriously. While they strive to be one of the quickest hosting platforms for those operating their sites all over the world, A2 Hosting promises to offer a package that will work perfectly for your needs. Of course, to benefit from the speediest package, you need to opt for the Turbo Plan, which starts at $9.31 monthly. A2 Hosting has combined, however, the best of Joomla, OpenCart, Drupal, and WordPress to ensure that customers all over are able to enjoy a speedy website that, in turn, creates a top user experience.

3. Hostgator Cloud (0.42 seconds)

Not to be confused with the basic Hostgator platform service, Hostgator Cloud is ideal for sites that are growing and sizable, to begin with. Fortunately, while you are provided with speed, you are not required to spend the same amount of money that other hosting platforms require. Low cloud pricing begins at $4.95 per month, USD. In addition, Hostgator provides a special cloud hosting service for those who own a WordPress site.

4. Cloudways (0.44 seconds)

Cloudways is a great platform for developers, although beginners may find it a bit difficult to use for their website(s). This is a platform for hosting that sets itself apart, as it is a layer of mega-hosts that are speedy and powerful: Vultr, Stackpath, Linode, Digital Ocean, AWS, and Google Cloud. In addition, support is available 24/7 for the convenience of customers.

5. Kinsta (0.54 seconds)

This is a hosting platform that is an alternative to WP Engine. It works very well with WordPress and WooCommerce. They are especially focused on helping those who use WordPress with hosting that allows them to enjoy security, speed, and the Google Cloud platform. Because of this, tons of website owners are switching over to Kinsta. They are definitely worth a look!

6. SiteGround (0.71 seconds)

In general, SiteGround is the fast platform for hosting that works for the majority of site owners. With their technical knowledge, top-notch customer service, and low prices they create a good reputation for themselves that competes with the best. While they are not the fastest on this list, SiteGround is a platform that has a plethora of features that we are in love with.

In conclusion, website owners understand the importance of speed in order to create a fabulous user experience that keeps organic traffic coming. Consider moving to one of these hosting platforms to enjoy lightning-fast speed.

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