Understanding The Split Squat Technique

The split squat has become a favorite for people of all ages when it comes to lower body movements. There are so many options but this is one of the stronger movements available to those wanting to build a proper lower half.

With the inclusion of this exercise, your traditional squat is going to get better and the results will pour in quickly.

Let’s take a look at what the technique is all about and what the main advantages are.

What is the Split Squat Technique?

The split squat refers to a movement that is reliant on squatting down with one leg ahead of the other. The idea is to move one leg forward and bend at back leg until the knee is close to the ground.

It’s a unique movement and provides tremendous emphasis on a variety of leg muscles all at the same time.

Remember, to keep your back straight while completing this movement as it ensures the weight doesn’t hurt the back. Both dumbbells should be held at the side while completing this movement for maximum results.

Benefits of Split Squat Technique

1) Balanced Results

The first thing you are going to notice with the inclusion of split squats has to do with balanced results. You are not going to have to worry about the wrong movements or getting trapped in an exercise that doesn’t help certain muscles. When done right, this is going to provide a well-balanced way to generate strength while growing bigger.

2) Improved Mind-Muscle Connection

Improving your mind-muscle connection is essential as it helps develop a more athletic approach to working out. The split squat makes sure you tackle the idea of lifting weights with a unique approach.

3) Varied

There is incredible variation in how the movement is completed and this allows you to tailor the solution based on what you want. The traditional squat is good but this is a step up.

4) Builds Strength

Traditional squats are wonderful but certain muscles start to control what’s happening while going up and down. This has to do with the body’s tendency to work based on what works best for moving the weight.

This means if you are left dominant, the weight is going to be pushed using that half of the body. It might not seem that way but it happens with traditional squats. However, split squats get rid of that issue because you are focusing on one leg at a time during the movement. It simplifies how you approach the task and how strong you get throughout the body.

Final Thoughts

This technique is one of the best when it comes to building a strong lower body. While most people look at traditional squats as their go-to option, it’s smarter to focus on a well-rounded solution such as the split squat. This is a powerful, well-rounded exercise that’s able to push the body to new heights.

Take the opportunity to learn this movement and understand all that it has to offer physically. This is going to lead to significant gains over the long-term when completed with proper form.

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