3 Ways To Select Mattresses For Side Sleepers

Finding mattresses for side sleepers can be a difficult challenge since people who sleep on their side may deal with uncomfortable pressure points where their hips and shoulders meet the bed. When you select a mattress, support and comfort are the main factors when choosing a mattress for a comfortable night’s sleep.


When choosing a supportive mattress, few compare to innerspring mattresses. Generally, you can find innerspring mattresses in an array of support levels, from soft to extra firm. Although you might believe selecting a soft mattress is best, this is far from the truth. Regardless of how you sleep, firm or extra firm mattresses will provide the most support.

The extra support will allow your mattress to last longer before it begins to develop “soft” spots or the springs start to become noticeable. As a side sleeper, extra support will help your body remain in a neutral position while you are lying down. You can easily add a mattress pad to increase your comfort, without sacrificing support.


Although the most supportive mattresses for side sleepers tend to be innerspring mattresses, they may not be the most comfortable. When comfort is concerned, many people find memory foam is the best option. Memory foam is made of a unique material that is capable of cradling the body, so your hips and shoulders do not dig into the mattress.

Since memory foam has a “memory” it does not immediately bounce back to its original shape. Memory foam is also responsive to temperature. As the foam absorbs your body heat, it becomes softer and can shape itself to your body more readily.

Other materials can be integrated with memory foam to make the temperature more comfortable. If you prefer sleeping in a warmer environment or you find you are often cold at night, memory foam alone will be a better option. For people who prefer a cooler environment at night or often wake up sweating, memory foam combined with gel will be more comfortable and keep the mattress cool.

Combined Support And Comfort

The ultimate mattress as a side sleeper will be a hybrid mattress. These mattresses have an innerspring system with memory foam on top. With hybrid mattresses, you can have the benefits of supportive innerspring, with the comfort of memory foam.

Just like hybrid mattresses combine benefits, they also tend to be in a moderate price range. Many people choose innerspring mattresses because they are the most affordable option. Pure memory foam mattresses can be expensive and are often considered an investment.

When cost is a consideration, choosing a hybrid mattress can be a good option. Hybrid mattresses are affordable for people who find memory foam mattresses to be out of their price range, since they are often priced between innerspring and memory foam.

Side sleepers can have unique challenges when selecting the right mattress for their sleeping position. You can choose a mattress that offers more support or better comfort, or choose the best of both worlds and select a hybrid mattress.

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